We have learned that no two children are the same and so we offer three main elements to insure their school readiness. First, education to suit their needs. Second, support to families. Third, encouragement throughout their development. All children are naturally strong and capable learners, we recognize that all children develop at different rates and have different interest. It is our job to provide the opportunities to explore and participate in a variety of activities. These activities are carefully selected and planned by age group and are implemented in an open classroom setting.
Our Goal is for children to feel safe and secure. Every child is treated with respect and kindness. We want to share the responsibility of promoting your child's growth and development. We take pride in providing Quality childcare that meets each child's physical, emotional, mental, and social needs.
When their basic needs are met, their bodies and mind are free to grow, develop and learn about the world around them.

Curriculum Program

Our classrooms are organized and well planned, clean and spark children's interest to learn and grow. Each Classroom consists of developmental areas such as; reading, dramatic play manipulative, block, art, quiet area, and discovery area. These areas will enhance the children's social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills.
Our playground area is an open area with a naturalistic feel which is furnished with age appropriate playground equipment. With our beautiful green lawn, flowers and different types of trees for shade.

Each classroom will provide age appropriate activities for each child so they can gain knowledge, skills and an understanding of concepts that will help them progress in their development. They will be learning subjects such as, science, math, literacy, music & movement, arts & crafts and socializing. We also go on numerous educational field trips around our valley. We believe in family engagement and we love working together to improve your child's skills at home as well. We ask all our parents to complete an Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ).

The Environment